Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm excited to be adding my friend (and former room-mate) Devin and her husband Jared to our looking to adopt list!

It's been a long day. When I went to add their info I almost didn't put their full names, Why you ask? Because I've been in the infertile, foster care, adoption world for over 5 years now. I know how it goes and that there are NO private details about your life. Everything is public, everyone know everything, Heck on my foster care paperwork is asked how often we have sex, how sexually compatible we are and so on. I loved on Brittany and Que's blog the pictures of their siblings and their families. I e-mail all our family and asked if they thought it was okay. FYI, no one EVER responds to my e-mails. I waited and waited, no answers. I did it and all HELL broke loss! Sorry for the language I blame it on no sleep and Clomid! So I've had to make sure there was no pics of Hub's family anywhere in our adoption blog or pictures. So I went to put up Devin and Jared's link and I almost put "Dev and J" to 'protect their identitys', LOL their adopting and they know how it is! Sorry I'm rambling, it's been a stressful day.

To check out Devin and Jared's blog Click Here!!!

Devin and I June 2003!

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Que and Brittany are Adopting! said...

Oh no!

We just figured that because of the uniqueness of Que's name coupled with the fact that I'm an author would make discovering who we were pretty easy. (Not that I'm a famous author... hahaha, but still...)

Anyway, sorry about that!