Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why go there?

I don't think I have posted about it, but recently we had a 16 year old girl thinking about giving us her twins, a boy and a girl. There were many problems with the situation, mostly she lives in Israel and I have NO idea how or what we would need to do to adopt them. Well, long story short she decided to keep them. I think it is for the better any ways. I just for a message from her on Facebook saying, "You have kids? Who is Ben and Maggie?" It frustrates me, why ever go there if you are NOT giving them to me anyway's!?

This was my response-
"No we don't. We did foster care trying to adopt kids, but never did. I had Ben for 3 months, Issac for 3 months and Madison for 3 months but never adopted any of them. Maggie is our dog."

I know it's a dumb, simple question she asked, but why does it upset me? She is keeping her dang twins so why be all mad if she all of a sudden thinks I lied to her. I told her the first time that we talked that we DID NOT have kids!

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