Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our story

My husband and I are both LDS. We were married 5 years ago in the Las Vegas Temple. When we had been married 9 months my doctor put me on Prometrium to regulate my cycles. Although that worked I still was not ovulating. When we had been married 15 months I started on Clomid. After 5 tries with Clomid I gave up, we decided to do Foster Care and try to adopt. We had 3 placements, 7 months, 2 year old and 5 year old. They all went to adoption, with relatives. We decided to try seeing a new doctor and yet more Clomid. On our 3rd try I ovulated and... got pregnant. It was a month before our forth anniversary, we couldn't be happier. I lost the baby a few days later. After 2 more months on Clomid and magically ovulating on my own for 3 months I still didn't get pregnant so my doctor has given up. We are venturing back into foster care to see how it goes again.

Thank you for all the comments and advise! I know there is a lot more out there to try. Right now I feel like foster care is my route. Down the road I do want to seek more fertility drugs and a more educated specialists!


cmay said...

Oh my. Don't give up! Try another oral drug called femara. You take it like clomid--2 tablets at the same time for 5 days in a row. It might be better for you in getting you to ovulate well. Try that for 3-6 cycles. If it doesn't work, next step is gonadotropins (injectable medications). The goal there is to get 3-5 follicles to grow, which increases the odds of a multiple pregnancy. But you have the control. If too many eggs are produced, you can say no to trying that cycle. Discuss with your fertility providers what you wish for and they'll work with you.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered seekng the help of a reproductive endocronologist? There is much testing involved, and different drugs available but it may yield you the child you wish for.

PJ said...

I agree with Betty and cmay! I'd definitely get another opinion and see the help of a reproductive endocrinologist.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have you visited the stirrup queens blogroll? If not, just google stirrup queen. She has over 1800 infertility/adoption blogs listed. It's a fantastic resource.

Good luck to you!

Kim H. said...

I agree with the others too, but certainly adoption is a great option as well. A friend of mine is going through both processes at the same time.

Sometimes just getting the endocrinologist to figure out what is happening with your hormones might help.

Ms. Perky said...

Best of luck with your journey - I hope you find your happy ending. IF you want to continue pursuing routes to pregnancy, I would echo the other sentiments to seek the advice of a reproductive endocrinologist (fertility specialist). Very few OB/GYNs are equipped to handle anything beyond a couple Clomid cycles, and usually don't monitor those cycles as closely as they should either. You're pretty much at your limit for Clomid cycles (most doctors recommend no more than 6 cycles of Clomid for a variety of reasons), but there are other options out there, depending on your diagnosis.

That being said, if finding a route to pregnancy is NOT what you decide you want, adoption/foster care is a wonderful option. I have gone both routes (I have a five year old foster son and 19.5 month old triplets from IUI) and I love all of my kids just the same without question.

Best of luck to you.

Countless Tomorrows said...

Thanks for the invite! I love finding friends in this barren world of infertility. I also started an infertilty blog because I needed somewhere to vent. It's private, but if anyone wants an invite please email me at sourbonk [at] yahoo [dot] com. The only requirement is that you suffer from infertilty. I would love to share our story here, I will get something typed up over the next few days and email it to you. I also posted your comment on my infertilty blog so my followers there can come here. I really feel there is strength in numbers!
Good luck on your journey. There has been some great advice above, but all I can say if you have to do what you feel is right for you and your family. I hate people who give advice, but that's probably because the only ones I get advice from have no problem getting pregnant.

TeriLynn said...

Thank you so much for the invite! I have my share of trying different meds and nothing seems to work! (you can ready my blog and will tell it all).. I am not having surgery in June and having a hard time. my dream was to be a mom.
We are now in foster care/respite and are looking into adoption down the road.

I love you little signs on the sign how do i get some of thosw on my blog????

thanks again for the invite

Chelle said...

Whoever you were seeing was a quack. You should never be on chlomid for more than 3-5 months total... for you whole life. The longer you are on it the more it decreases your chances of getting pregnant. The first doctor we went to was going to leave us on it for over a year. When the doctor she was working under found out about it, he was pretty upset (we had already been on it for 6 months). Needless to say, we ended up immediately changing to the doctor she was working under.

If your doctor has already given up on you, then they know nothing at all about infertility. There are at least 100 more routes you can explore beyond plain old chlomid.

My infertile journey ended after over a year of treatments and a laparoscopy (surgery) that resulted in confirmed endometriosis, which was the reason I wasn't ovulating on my own (I did ovulate on chlomid, however). During that surgery they also removed a septum in my uterus and performed ovarian drilling. 7 months after the surgery, I was amazingly pregnant on my own!

You should seek a real infertility specialist's help before throwing in the towel. I promise it will absolutely be worth every single thing you do and every single penny you spend (if you have it to spend). You have just barely touched the very tip of the iceberg.

Don't give up yet!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss and your journey. I pray that you will get your child very soon. I have to agree that seeing a RE is your best bet. I am unaware of your insurance situation, but some companies cover the RE simply b\c it is not an infert issues as it is hormone or other medical issues first. Thanks for the invite.